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Local eating is now more than a fashion effect indeed it is a citizen act more and more inked …

Local eating is now more than a fashion effect indeed, it is a citizen act more and more inked in our eating habits. But, what is more, natural than to favor local producers in supermarkets? A simple way to encourage food production close to home, to rediscover the taste of good things and limit its ecological footprint. Eating organic, local, and seasonal, this is part of the quality charter that home chefs everywhere in Canada. In recent years, organic farming has developed, and many people prefer this mode of consumption. It’s a way to rediscover fresh foods and local flavors.

Why eat local and seasonal?

A question that may seem obvious if you already have the habit of consuming fresh products coming out of your garden or from the market. Eating locally and the season is above all appreciate the flavors of the products. Fruits and vegetables that have not traveled thousands of kilometers to finish on your plate. Those who have been harvested at maturity have a much better taste for tasting. To know that transport degrades the properties of food! You have seen it in various TV reports, fruits and vegetables from Africa for example, are picked prematurely, are packed before traveling by boat or plane, then cross a long circuit to finally arrive in the supermarket.

What is a short circuit? The short circuit is used to describe a mode of sale limiting the number of intermediaries. You can buy products sold directly on the farm, in markets, at producers, or on specialized sites.

Buying at your farmers is also supporting the local economy. You contribute to the growth of the producers and to the creation of jobs in Canada while preserving the environment. You limit waste and food waste due to imported food.

Respecting the seasons is also respecting the body and the nutritional needs of the moment. They help the body react better to the seasons.

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No matter what you eat daily but need to be healthier so stop thinking about which dish is healthier; eat Mr. gourmet home food for better health and delicious home cooked food.

Eat organic for healthier foods

Pesticides are frequently used in “typical” agriculture to reduce plants that are potentially harmful to this activity. They are composed of toxic elements that can cause various health problems and also pollute our planet. Due to too much agriculture and disrespectful of nature, many chemical fertilizers are being used to fertilize soils low in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. By eating organic, you know that fruits or vegetables are not contaminated by any toxic products and you preserve the environment.

Eat organic, local and seasonal products with our chef Dave

Discover meals served with fresh and local products carefully prepared by a chef at home. Our chef Dave will be able to put the dishes in the big ones to prepare you a meal worthy of a big restaurant, with menus based organic, fresh and seasonal products from local producers. Personalize your menu with the chef to have a custom meal for you and your guests.